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TLDR: LERA Labs offers a distance form of testing, and we use that to do research. ESRE offers brief encapsulations of all of the research we did. You can find interesting and topical studies on a diverse array of fields of research, coming from the four corners of our program (energy science tools, nutrition, lifestyle, and spirituality).

Improve your health, by learning about what is out there.

Welcome, to the ESRE

Summary of our project in two goals

A. Expanded access to data parsing

First, we believe all people should have access to testing. You should know whether you are impacted by aluminum. It should be easy to test the ramifications of a bartonella infection. It should be easy to know whether you do or do not have a problem with genetically modified foods.

All of the things in the holistic canon of ideas, we test for applicability (in a general sense), doing research on concepts as you see here, and for comparative outcomes. Using our instantaneous response metrics of assessment (like muscle testing, electrodermal scanning, etc.), we can offer predictive assessment of people’s responses to variables in a style where testing one hundred people for response to five variables can be done within an hour. We want to know which ideas can (and should) be applied, and we want to know the outcome of their application compared with the outcomes of other ideas. In short, we are a research-centered testing service that compares many variables with each of our affordable profiles.

B. Affordable access to data parsing

The second goal of our project is to expand affordability of access.

We don’t charge a commission on products. That means you can get products at wholesale prices (sometimes, plus a small ordering fee).

We don’t sell more than our quarterly testing. Aside from optional services like phone consultations, you can plan (budget) around the cost of a quarterly profile (costing $30, $70, $150, or a few hundred bucks for our largest).

Whether you need a wide range of specific things tested, or you don’t know what issues you need tested, we suggest that you start with our free first test testing program. the FFT profile will show you some information about the data relevant to your energy patterns, and it will show you some of the top issues that came up for you.

You can start for free, proceed for $150 per quarter, get your products at wholesale prices—what is to lose?

We want you to use this for yourself. But think about the people that you love that you can’t get into a practitioner’s office, or you are concerned you can’t afford to support them? Our work offers an easy buy in to the cutting edge of holistic ideas.

Conclusion: Comparative studies have no limit

Keep in mind, some people are vegan. Some people are against vaccines. Some people don’t believe in running. Some people don’t exercise at all.

Our protocols show you the top ten steps for you to do right now, based on what you responded best to in our huge library of testing slides.

It becomes very important, and perhaps a priceless commodity, to be able to compare a complex range of viewpoints in an unbiased (and non-profit-centered) way. We will let you know if sauna would be a great step for you—we have a slide for that. We have slides for specific toxins, and dozens of types of detoxification protocols.

Using our instantaneous response mechanism, where we use a laser enhanced signaling system to test you from afar, and where we only need your photograph and a short intake to carry out your test, all ideas can be compared. And, you can limit what types of ideas we select from. You can say to us: don’t recommend products costing more than $30, or I want my overall budget to be $80 for the next six weeks. You can say, I don’t believe EMF sensitivity is something I’d be able to take on right now, please avoid suggesting it (let’s work to find benefit out of the options that are available).

The diverse viewpoints we test range from energy science to nutrition to life style to transpersonal wellness. You can have a profile that completely works on the mind, teaching you how to gain, perhaps, spiritual practices, sensibilities, and exercises to get the most benefit you possibly can there. Or, you can have a profile that focuses only on nutrition.

It’s all up to you.


Website: http://www.energypatterns.org

Get started with a free first test: https://freefirsttest.com/home/lets-get-started/


All work is non-medical. Our work is in improving your enlightenment, the improving of which has no science supported medical benefit. See our website’s disclaimer for details.

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